Aug 2, 2013

WonderWorks: Pumps and Siphons
One more week working with tools that help us move water from one place to another.

Today's Topic:Pumps and Siphons
drinking straws (the kind that bend)
clean and empty handsoap dispensers
toy pumps

  cover art Fire truck / Oxlade, Chris
There might be better books out there about pumps and/or siphons, but this was the best I could find for today's class.  The kids LOVED reading about fire trucks and this one has quite a bit to say about the water pumps found on an engine.

 What Kids Do: 
play with the water pumps

 figure out other ways to get water out of the water pumps

 explore the power of the pump soap dispensers

 Can you make it longer?  (hint:  yes! But it helps to have some extra hands.)

 Learn how to siphon water using a drinking straw and a cup.
 Control the flow of water by pinching the straw.
 Make super long straws!

Adult Challenge of the week:  Ask "what could you change?" to foster the concept of experimentation.

Hindsight Tip:  This is another great one to reserve for a day when you can take the action outdoors.  I loved watching the kids come up with all sorts of alternative machines to move water.  They made combinations I never would have considered--and some of them worked!

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