Aug 5, 2013

NeedleReads: Ombre Dyeing
Dyeing fabric dark at the bottom and fading to lighter at the top is trickier than it looks.

Project:  Ombre Dyeing

dye (we used Rit liquid dye, two bottles per dye bath)
hot water
large containers to hold the dye (we used a trashcan, a storage tub and a plastic Halloween cauldron)
fabric items to dye
clothes line
sturdy rubber gloves
garbage bags (to carry wet items home in, individually wrapped)

What we did:
We'd read instructions online that seemed to indicate that you could simply hold the part you wanted darker in the dye bath longer, so we tried that.

One participant even tried dyeing fabric with a white print.
 Perhaps we just had the dye mix too intense, but no matter how much longer we held one part in the dye, we ended up with simple color blocking and almost none of the "fade" we were trying to achieve.
Oh well, the results were all still lovely!  The most successful piece was a tea towel that I left in the dye bath for almost an entire hour and a half for the darkest part (the top was originally a light yellowy green).
Perhaps next time we need to try creating several different concentrations of dye in only one color?

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