Jul 22, 2015

The Supper Club presents: Apps about water

 Yo-ho-ho, on the App Sea we go!

(App titles are linked to my full review where possible.  Click on the links to read more!)

READ: Byron Barton’s Boats by Oceanhouse Media  ($, iOS) -- Just like the board book, but with a few moving parts and the option for a narrator (though I prefer to read it myself!)

PLAY: Fiete Match by Ahoiii ($, iOS & Android)

SING: Big Reading Show by Hooked on Phonics (free/$, iOS)

TALK: Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer ($, iOS & Android) -- a free play, discovery game filled with giggles and lots of repeat play value.

FAMILY PLAY: Monument Valley ($, iOS & Android) -- one of my top 5 favorite apps for joint adult/child play of all time.  Or just adult solo play.  It's gorgeous, challenging for all ages and with no time limits or points, stress-free for kids to play too.

STEM: Marco Polo ocean ($, iOS only)  -- "build" a boat, an orca or another sea-related item and learn more about the item as you build.

Kapu blocks ($, iOS & Android)

Take-out Box:  Sago Mini boats ($, iOS only) -- If you love Sago Mini Road Trip, you should know that this is the aquatic version of that app.

Kapu fishing ($, iOS & Android) -- lazy day of fishing, complete with DIY fishing lures

Marine Missions by Nat’l Geo (Free, iOS only) -- A new one to me, this is a really nice choice for free.  A little learning, a little play and attractive app design.

Our craft this evening was toy boats (best tongue twister ever--say "toy boat" three times fast!):

Necessity is the mother of invention and I didn't have any pool noodles at work, but I did have a stash of foam pipe insulators (similar to these) but because the diameter on those is smaller than a pool noodle, I had to scale down the rest of the materials too.  I had some "ornate wood toothpicks" (similar to these) and a stash of milk filter scraps, so those became the sails.  The kids were very excited about these little boats and made some real beauties!

 This young artist was really exploring some alternative mast orientations....
I heard rumor that the boats are still sailing in a bowl of water in at least one of the homes they went back to, almost a week later now!

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