Nov 16, 2016

Toddler Art Class: Just Paint

Sometimes simple is best.

Art Project: painting 
thin cardboard sheets


cover art The artist who painted a blue horse / Carle, Eric

Last summer, during the Wild Rumpus events, it became clear to me that kids, in general, LOVE to paint.  And that parents, in general (myself included), are reluctant to dig out the paints at home.  As I'm wrapping up this Toddler Art Class series that I've done for years, I'm circling back to the basics.  Yes, I can do fancy variations and paint on foil or do edible paint or paint with popsicles or branches or over tape resist, but the truth is.... kids just want to paint.  Especially toddlers.  So it's back to the basics for me and I'll carry that through next spring when Toddler Art Class will be replaced by AnjiPlayDate which incorporates art but also so much more.  I can't wait to see what this new program will produce and I'm excited to take you, dear reader, along on this journey with me.

 What Kids Did: 

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