Nov 2, 2016

Toddler Art Class: Playing with Tape

Sticky (usually forbidden or at least rationed) tape is very exciting to play with!

Art Project: Playing with masking tape
masking tape
construction paper (optional)
crayons (optional)


cover art Hands off my honey! / Chapman, Jane
*note: I wasn't crazy about this book as the choice for this topic, but I was struggling to find a good related title for this topic....*

 What Kids Do:  pull tape off the roll!
 pull more tape off the roll...
 See how long of a strand you can pull and still be connected to your mom.
 match tape to paper
 make art that spans many pages
 make a nest of tape

 hold your tape on a "leash"
 wear it as a crown
 or a bracelet
 tape also makes a great handle

Hindsight Tip:  tearing the tape is the hard part for kids.  Consider adding scissors to this mix!

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