Nov 4, 2016

Toddler Art Class: Playing with Foil

Shiny, noisy, scrunchy, easy to tear, fun to sculpt with.... foil is so much fun!

Art Project: Playing with Foil
aluminum foil (I used less than 3 rolls for 25 kids, but if you had someone who wanted to mummify themselves in foil you might need more. It's cheap, buy lots!!)


cover art A squash and a squeeze / Donaldson, Julia

 What Kids Do:  scrunch it into a ball
 Throw that ball high up in the air and try to hit the ceiling
 stomp on the ball and flatten it
 open it back up and smooth it out as flat as possible.
 fold it and fold it again and fold it again...

 slam a book down onto the surface and see the imprint it makes.
 scratch it across the table and listen to the sound it makes
 step on the foil and look at your footprint
 put a piece under each foot and "skate" around
 ask your mom to hold it at the top and bottom then practice punching it (surprisingly difficult to break!)
 Tear it into tiny pieces and make a tall stack.
 Look through the cardboard tube like a telescope.  Ahoy!

I was truly impressed with the wide variety of activities this group came up with for ways to play with foil. Hey parents, what happens if you give them more foil to play with at home?  Will they do the same thing or try something new and even more innovative?
Adult Challenge:  Trust your children. (i.e. DON'T MAKE THEIR ART FOR THEM!)  They can do amazing things.

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