Jan 16, 2013

Craft Lab: Return of the Shrinky Dinks

 The smell of a hot toaster oven brings plenty of curious (and concerned) onlookers in a library!

Today's project:  Shrinky Dinks (a second chance for those who missed it last summer)

Shrinky Dink plastic
colored pencils
pencil sharpeners
toaster ovens

Book we used for inspiration:
cover art Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk! : make stylish shrink plastic jewelry / Sheldon, Kathy

What the crafters did:
1.  draw (or trace a picture from the book) onto plastic.
2.  carefully cut it out.
3.  place it on the toaster oven tray (lined with a piece of brown paper bag).
4.  watch with rapt attention as the pieces writhe and twist (and eventually flatten back out) in the toaster oven.

5.  marvel at the new tiny cuteness!

one brave soul attempted to make a ring, but got only burned fingertips and a broken piece of plastic.  next time, we'll try using tweezers!

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