Jan 30, 2013

Toddler Art Class: Bare Branches


Art mimics nature in this tape-resist project.

Art Project: Bare Branches
blue tape
heavy paper or cardboard

 cover art Snow rabbit, spring rabbit : a book of changing seasons / Na, Il Sung

Music to make art by:
   cover art Coal Train Railroad swings! [sound recording].

What Kids Do:
1.  First, apply blue tape to the surface you're going to paint.  Because some of the classes skew VERY young (and because each table had to share a roll of tape), I gave parents the option of applying the tape themselves or letting their child do this part.

   2.  paint!  Some painted beside their tape:

Some painted all over the page with varying degrees of coverage:

3.  When you're done painting, remove the tape to reveal crisp white lines (again, either parents or children could do this part, or they were welcome to take it home to let it dry before removing the tape):

4.  Some kids took it a step further by then wiping paint over the white lines:
...or re-applying the tape:
Hindsight Tip:  wait just a few moments before putting paint on the tables to give everyone a chance to explore the tape possibilities.

 Adult Challenge:  Ask open-ended questions that allow you more insight into your child's own artistic process.

Bonus!  Here's a video of me reading another beautiful book about bare branches and trees in winter.

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