Jan 17, 2013

Toddler Art Class: Spool Snowflakes


Ms. Carissa's collection of empty spools finally comes in handy!

Art Project: Spool Snowflakes
empty thread spools (plastic washes off best)
white paint
containers to hold paint
dark construction paper

Book:  Bunny's first snowflake / Wellington, Monica
  cover art 

 What Kids Do: 
some kids dipped the spool ends into the paint and stamped prints onto the paper
 (some played with the paper labels still attached to some of the spools)
 Some made many prints with the same spool,
others experimented with lots of different spools to see what different designs they made.
 Some used their spool more like a paintbrush,
 and others just used their fingers!

 This young artist folded hers in half to get a symmetrical print!
 Building towers with spools was also a popular activity.

Hindsight Tip: have shallow paint bowls with a not too-thick layer of paint in the bottom so that the print is clearer (not just a blob of paint).

 Variations to try: 
--have larger paint trays that would allow artist to roll the spools (like wheels) in the paint and then across their paper
--use cardboard tubes or corks or paper cups to make circles for snowmen instead!
--use bits of evergreen branches to make snowflakes

Adult Challenge:  Follow your child's lead.  There are so many ways to explore these materials!  Let your child decide what they want to do with the materials without direction from you.  They may surprise you!

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