Jan 10, 2013

WonderWorks: Wind!


Kites, pinwheels, fans and windchimes are have one thing in common...

Today's Topic:  Wind!
square paper (origami paper works great!)
other paper (to make folded fans)
unsharpened pencils with erasers
foam sheet
cotton balls
large bowl of water
wind chimes
electric fan
empty plastic drink bottle
hot water & ice water

cover art I face the wind / Cobb, Vicki

Our experiments & experiences: 

We did the "activity extension" from this site which involved an empty plastic bottle, a balloon and hot and cold water.  It worked best with ice water (not mentioned in the original experiment instructions) to cool down the bottle and hot, almost boiling water to heat it up.  Very fascinating!

 We blew foam "boats" across the water with straws.

 (someone created this paper boat too!)
 ..... and then we just blew bubbles in the water with our straws.  That's wind too!
 We folded paper fans to blow cotton balls across the table.

 And we made pinwheels!
 I also brought in an electric fan and a wind chime for other wind-play elements.  Both were quite popular!

 Variations to try: 
--I'd also considered having a wind sock craft and long ribbons to dance with, but ran out of time to gather those materials.  You could also do more of the experiments in the I Face the Wind book if you had a wire hanger or a ball.
--buy an "air cannon" and play with it! (available through many toy stores)

Related apps:  Did you know that there are apps that require you to blow air on (the microphone on) your phone to make them work?  Try out Songbird's Ocarina or Balloonimals (there's a lite version for free)!  Updated to add a great new app for this topic:  Huff n' Puff by Duckie Deck

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