Jan 9, 2013

Toddler Art Class: Sticky "Stained Glass"


Colorful suncatchers for mid-winter!

Art Project: Sticky "Stained Glass"
clear contact paper
scraps of tissue paper

  cover art Right outside my window / Hoberman, Mary Ann

 What Kids Do:  explore the sticky properties of contact paper

crumple the tissue paper into tiny balls
sort colors
create patterns and designs

enjoy the pleasure of dumping a whole bucket of confetti!
make telescopes from the scraps
seal it up with a second sheet of contact paper

Hindsight Tip:  tissue paper scraps are VERY static-charged (at least in the dry-ness of winter on our plastic tables) which makes for some fun play, but also makes them difficult to clean up afterwards.

 Variations to try: 
These collages would also look lovely with feathers, glitter.... use your imagination!

Adult Challenge:  just watch.  your child can't do this project "wrong" so just let them explore at their own pace.  One parent told me that they had this same project from my class about a year ago.  She said it was still hanging in their window (quite faded) but it was interesting to see the difference between what her son had created at that age compared with today's collage!

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